About Wyli

Mission Statement:

As a North Carolina, 501(c) non-profit foundation, WyliE³ Solutions works in partnership with corporate and educational institutions to reduce and prevent sexual misconduct in schools, and avoid the ripple effects that occur. This is achieved through the sharing of relevant research,  "education- environment-specific" proactive solutions. and web based solutions.

Our Focus:
We partner with all constituents, including risk managers, insurance companies, administrators, educators and parents, to educate with knowledge, equip with skills to recognize and respond appropriately, in order to execute a strategy of prevention and protection..  

The S.M.A.R.T. Solution
exual Misconduct Awareness
& Response Training)

About The Program
About the Team


"The most important thing was that the school invested in this program."
School Facilitator

“…skilled at assessing needs and compiling action plans that address each challenge that's been identified. But her real talent goes beyond that. She then takes complete accountability for the plan and sees it through to fruition. Along the way, she works closely with her constituents, resulting in team driven goal achievement!“

"...The real life scenarios used for group discussion were extremely current, pertinent and so prevalent..."
  English Teacher

“Through careful preparation, a thorough approach to curriculum design and an innate ability to relate to her audience, ...consistently demonstrated success."
Workshop Participant

"Excellent Training... no improvements needed!"
  Human Resources Director

"...received outstanding feedback from class participants and training sponsors across North America, Europe and Latin America, in addition to winning awards and recognition for achievements.”

"Most important to me was the opportunity for open discussion with co-workers."
  Math Teacher

“…great support as the work began on the transitions to the new structures and roles and responsibilities…. The team Jumped to the rescue when additional training was needed, almost single-handedly delivered standardized training to all of our field employees."
  Vice President

"The workshop helped me understand how non-sexual behaviors can also be perceived as inappropriate and dangerous."
  High School Principal

"The curriculum and content are well designed and WyliE3 Solutions has a solid plan of delivery...
Certified Instructional Designer


"...use of activities and exercises give the learners multiple opportunities to learn and apply the training...allows the adult learner to remember key information for the achievement of program goals and objectives. ..visual and tactile exercises included in the training provide ongoing opportunity for the learners to increase comprehension."
  Certified Instructional Designer



Additional Testimonials





A Message From the President:

Our colleagues and facilitators are educators who hold advanced education degrees and have provided learning instruction to customers in the corporate and educational environments for 20 years.

As professionals, we recognize a critical need in the private and public school sectors to proactively address the issue of sexual misconduct. Many volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the mission is accomplished and the devastation synonymous with sexual misconduct is addressed.

From a personal standpoint, we are also parents with children in the public and private school systems who recognize the epidemic and the absolute necessity for an effective intervention solution that protects our students and faculty and institutions.

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