Wyli Studies

As a non-profit entity, our goal is to share any data we may have that can help education constituents understand, address, and prevent sexual misconduct.  For copies of our studies, please contact us at  These studies include:


  • State Case Data

State related data from >2,000 cases with profiles for offenders and victims, actions of districts and schools, status of background and reference check information, and resulting criminal charges and civil suits.


  • State Overview
    A review of state sexual misconduct laws, cases, suits, and training status.
  • Compilation of National Civil Lawsuits (updated quarterly)
    A collation of nation-wide published, sexual misconduct civil lawsuits. 


  • Expert Research

Dr. Charol Shakeshaft

Dr. Shakeshaft was commissioned by the Department of Education to review
the available literature on
sexual misconduct against students by public school
employees, and published her findings in 2004. 


Dr. Tara Star Johnson

Dr. Johnson’s research interests include the intersections among race, class,
gender, and sexuality in education.  Attention is focused on teacher-student
relationships and teacher embodiment, viewing both through a feminist
and poststructural epistemological lens.

  • Johnson, T. S. (2008). From teacher to lover:  Sex scandals in the classroom.
    w York: Peter Lang. 
  • Johnson, T. S. (2005). The "problem" of bodies and desires in teaching.
    Teaching Education, 16(2), 131-149.

Dr. Pat Sikes

Dr. Sikes’ research has included investigations of : how becoming a parent
affects professional practices; age and the male PE teacher;
being an RE teacher in a secular society; how university teachers experience
the imperative to publish caused by the Research Assessment Exercise;
what it is like to be falsely accused of sexually abusing pupils. 

  • Sikes, P. (2006) `Scandalous Stories and Dangerous Liaisons: When Male
    Teachers and Female Pupils Fall in Love´
    Sex Education 6, 3, pp. 265 – 280 
  • Sikes, P. and Piper, H. (2009) Researching Sex and Lies in the Classroom:
    Allegations of Sexual Misconduct in Schools London, Routledge/Falmer
  • Additional White Papers and Articles
Profile Data



Laws & Findings

District & School Actions



State Law




Criminal Charges

Background Check Process


Actions tied to allegations


Identification of behaviors (before)

Subjects Taught

Progression of the "relationship"

Plea / Trial

Identification of behaviors (during & after)

Criminal Background

Family History


Civil Suits





  Juries find districts / schools
guilty of negligence and
deliberate indifference 

Jury Findings

Failure to take preventative steps

Failure to act on warnings

Failure to provide awareness training on the issue of   
     sexual misconduct

Choosing to act in a deliberately indifferent manner


Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits

Sexual Misconduct Lawsuits


Settled Amount

School District

Damages Sought

New York

$18.7 million


$70 million

West Virginia

$6.3 million


$6.3 million

South Carolina

$4.7+ million


$5 million


$3 million


$3 million